Waste For Food

Waste For Food Project, brings an holistic approach in waste management, empowering the community by giving each individual a leading rol in the cycle, this is; conscious decision making in our daily lives.

Our habits and cultural background determines the way daily consumer decisions affect our planet. To achieve and sustain chance in our society towards a more sustainable future, first we need to change our own actions and then spread the word by example. The power of transformation laying within our habitas has greater value than what we think.

Just by buying products from companies that act in a social responsable way, we are financing their progress and pushing forward for a global chance in the way we see the impact of our consumption. By being responsable consumers, our simple and individual actions contribute to the growth of a virtuous circle of positive impact towards Mother Earth.

Waste for Food, brings a new way to see responsable consumption, recycling and compost making advocating to give tools and experience for home growing of natural and healthy fruits and veggies.

In order to achieve a full positive impact, the project gives tips and tricks to consolidate a healthy relationship with the way we think and prepare our daily meals.This virtuous circle is achieved by supporting local farmers, changing the way we think of the impact of our choices as part of a whole.

Small actions such as: avoiding industrial processed food, cooking more at home or choosing conscious chefs, our body reacts by increasing our fiscal and mental health.

Today, Waste for Food Project with the contribution of Casa Pampa multidisciplinary team, community members and supporters has become a real alternative for food efficient waste management and leads the development of the local government Compost education campaign.