Current Efforts and Community Impact

Permaculture School Garden and Community "COMPOST CLUB" Compost

We are currently working with community members directly, with an outreach education campaign named "COMPOST CLUB" that encourages them to have an active rol in the development of the community.

The education campaign supported by the waste management committee (MIRS) aims to rise environmental awareness and spread natural agriculture.

By joining our efforts as individuals, everyone can start collecting and composting their organic waste within their own businesses and homes, or with the help of a neighbour. We acknowledge that not everyone has space for composting on their property, therefore we have created an alternative option.

Waste for Food in alliance with the local Rural High School and Project CAM local environmental organization, offer a free service to manage the waste.

Those that are collecting, but do not have personal space to compost, may utilize the service. The Waste for food and Project Cam teams will then put it to good use to grow fresh, organic food in the local school permaculture garden.

The organic horticulture site as the school becomes an open outdoor classroom for all the members of the community willing to learn about how to grow healthy food and take advantage of a good management of their organic waste.

Aside from our direct efforts within the community, we continue to work towards a solution at the government level. As members of the local Waste Management Committee, we are responsible for counselling government in these issues.

We are currently in the process of implementing an organic waste management program that the government will spearhead. Putting the responsibility in their hands and showing the community and the world that we value the proper management of organic waste.