Compost Club Documentary

We are currently filming and enjoying the creation of a documentary film that we are co-producing with the dedicated work of friends, supporters, the community and volunteers.

The purpose of this film is to become an environmental education tool and to rise awareness in the power of chance that community base efforts can achieve.

It reports on the process that the community is going through in order to deal with the environmental crisis and how the Compost Club citizen initiative becomes the change manager and scenario for this action.

The main objetive is to document the efforts and goals achived, in hopes that it can serve as an example for other individuals, other communities who are also inspired to start grassroots movements to ignite change.

We are currently receiving and processing 1,000 kilos per week of organic waste that we compost locally. We are motivating and counselling community members to reduce their waste and create a valuable resource by composting and helping others to see the value in proper waste management.